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Egbert Perry, ENG' 76

Harold Haskins was a godsend for so many of us who attended Penn in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s.  It would not be an exaggeration to say that he had an outsized hand in helping hundreds (perhaps thousands) of students graduate from Penn.  His leadership of the Office of Support Services and many other complementary programs made the Penn and Philadelphia experiences more welcoming to so many students at difficult and sometimes turbulent times during their journey through Penn.  For some, they were the first to go to college.  For others, a Penn experience presented major social and financial challenges.  Hask also made it possible for students of all walks of life, from all races and socio-economic groups, to handle the academic rigor that was inherent in a Penn education.


I had the privilege of being one of the tutors for the Office of Support Services under Hask’s leadership for six (6) years.  So, without equivocation, I can say that I owe “Hask” a debt of gratitude for helping me pay for my Penn education,  He made us all feel like he was our big brother and Counselor.  For many of us, he was also more like a surrogate father.  Hask’s departure from this life marks a sad time for the Penn family.  Yet, we should celebrate what he meant to all of us, and the tremendous legacy that he left.


We will miss you Hask.  Rest in peace, wrapped in our love for you.

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