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Marc Morial, C'80

Hask was on our side!!


As an African-American student entering UPenn in the Fall of 1976, Harold Haskins was, for all of us—a rock and lifeline—through challenges, triumphs, and dreams. His office became our informal student where we spent time, sought advice, and refuge from sometimes uncertain experiences at Penn. For me— Hask tapped me and the late Sheryl George to create and lead the Stepping Stones program which assisted our classmates in resume preparation, interview skills, and connection with job opportunities with leading corporations. We were able to connect them with the corporate recruiter from GE—Scott Paper — and many others. Hask was a beautiful and generous spirit who loved and cared for us as students and as aspiring change agents.He will be missed and I am forever grateful for what he meant to the UPenn Community!! 



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