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Obinna C. Obilo, W'04, WG'08

My life's trajectory has been singularly changed by Harold Haskins' influence and from which I directly benefited from:


(i) Hask co-founded the Leadership Education and Development Summer Business Institute for rising, underrepresented high school seniors which was replicated across the country at a dozen top-tier schools;

(ii) Hask helped establish both the Black Wharton Undergraduate Association and the African-American MBA Association;

(iii) Hask helped to found the Onyx Senior Honor Society;

(iv) Hask was a member of the Friars Senior Honor Society; and,

(iv) Hask proudly advocated for Black permanence at Penn and indirectly at all institutions that created access to capital (economic, political) for our communities.


When he finally retired after over three decades of service to Penn, I was honored to be asked to serve as a presenter at his retirement.

His laughter and his sharp wit were unmistakable for anyone's. He was loved by many because he gave love to many. He will be sorely, sorely missed. Sleep well, brother. You've earned your rest. 

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