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Current Members C'23

Hannah Adeniyi


Hometown: Baltimore, MD

School: The College

Major: Psychology | Minor: Chemistry & Anthropology

Extracurricular Involvements: The Inspiration, CHOP Center for Autism researcher, Onyx Co-president

What does Onyx mean to you?: For me Onyx is comfort. On a campus where I have to don different hats depending on the setting, Onyx is a place where I can really be me. I can interact with people who understand my experience and even add more value to it. I can express my freely. That comfort is something I don’t want to take for granted.

Hannah Adeniyi.jpeg

Yendi Guindo


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

School: The College 

Major: Anthropology | Minor: Chinese

Extracurricular Involvements: Spectrum, CAMRA Mellon Fellowship, Penn Immigrant Rights

What does Onyx mean to you?: Onyx is an organization that enables me to give back to the community around me while being with other excelling Black Penn students.

Yendi Guindo.jpg
Marissa Kesse.jpeg

Marissa Kesse

Vice President

Hometown: Long Island, NY

School of Nursing

Major: Nursing

Extracurricular Involvements: 2023 Class Board - Nursing Chair | Penn Model Congress - Deputy Programs Director & Program Outreach Director | Minorities in Nursing - Vice President | Penn Black Student League - Programming Chair
Africana Peer Mentor | Penn Ghana - President |
Penn Alumni Staff

What does Onyx mean to you?: Onyx highlights excellence at Penn and fosters a community of campus scholars. I’ve found the members bring a new meaning to providing mentorship to the greater Black Penn & Penn community!


Calil Morris

Community Service Chair

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

School: The College

Major: Health & Societies

Extracurricular Involvements: Onyx Senior Honor Society: Community Service Chair, HSOC Student Advisory Board, MAPS (outgoing Community Service Chair), Mentor/Tutor Philadelphia Public High Schools, Africana Peer Mentor, Independent Research: Gun Violence and its Intersections with Race and Public Health

Sydney N_edited.jpg

Sydney Nixon 

Alumni Relations

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

School: The College 

Major: Political Communications 

Extracurricular Involvements: International Affairs        Association (Intercol),  SNF Paideia Fellows,  Shea Collective

What does Onyx mean to you?: A space to foster a Black community that can extend on past graduation

Mina Arnold

Membership Chair

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

School: Nursing

Major: Nursing | Minor: Global Health

Extracurricular Involvements: Sphinx Honor Society | Ase Academy (Internal Relations Chair) | New Spirit at Penn Gospel Choir (Co-Parliamentarian) | West Philadelphia Tutoring Project (Tutor) | Peer Mentor for the School of Nursing | Penn Residential Services Assistant | Minorities in Nursing (Member) | Big Brother Big Sister at Penn (Former Mentor)

What does Onyx mean to you?: Onyx represents Black excellence to me, and is a community in which Black senior students on campus can come together to celebrate one another’s accomplishments.

Mina Arnold_edited.jpg
Justin Acheampong_edited.jpg

Justin Acheampong

Hometown: Spotswood, NJ

School: The College 

Major:  Psychology Major | Minor: Sociology

Extracurricular Involvements: President of Carriage Senior Society, CAPS Advisory Board (CAPSAB), Reach-A-Peer Helpline (RAPLine), Student Committee on Undergraduate Education (SCUE), Member of Psi Chi Honors Society, Co-State Director of the Every Voice Coalition's Pennsylvania Chapter, Intern for Dr. Krystal Strong in the MOVE Activist Archive Project

What does Onyx mean to you?: Onyx offers a space for me to meet and have good times with other Black students at Penn in my year, as well as escape the pressures of Penn as a PWI.

Delaney Holder

Hometown: New Rochelle, NY

School: Wharton

Major: Concentrations: Business Economics & Public Policy; Social Impact & Responsibility

Minors: Law & Society; Africana Studies

Extracurricular Involvements: The Gamma Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. | The Wharton Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Group | Beyond Arrests: Rethinking Systematic Oppression | University-Wide Committees: Committee on Diversity and Equity; Social Responsibility Advisory Committee | The Black Wharton Undergraduate Association

What does Onyx mean to you?: Onyx is such a historic representation of our culture's excellence on this campus. It is a special place where we can celebrate each other and grow together.

Delaney-Holder-Spring2022 - Delaney Holder_edited.png
Evonna-Moody-Spring2022 - Evonna Moody_edited.png

Evonna Moody 

Hometown: Hinesville, GA

School: The College 

Major: Political Science and Philosophy

Extracurricular Involvements: Social Planning and Events Committee (SPEC) | Beyond Arrests: Rethinking Systematic Oppression (BARS) | Black Pre-Law Association (BPLA)

What does Onyx mean to you?: Onyx, to me, means reintroducing myself to familiar faces in aim of building community. 

Jennifer Salako 

Hometown: Brentwood, CA

School: The College 

Major: Health & Societies

Minors: Chemistry, Hispanic Studies

Extracurricular Involvements: The Glorious Gamma Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Intercultural Greek Council, Nigerians At Penn, WAVe, Johnson Scholars, University Wide Committee for Campus & Community Life

What does Onyx mean to you?: Onyx is a space meant to celebrate the many amazing achievements of myself and my peers, despite the challenges we face in and outside of the classroom. It is a reaffirmation of our shared belief that our identity does not limit us, but rather motivates us to push beyond expectations and strive for excellence.

Joel Olujide_edited.jpg

Joel Olujide 

Hometown: Columbia, MD

School: Wharton

Major: Concentration in Management & Finance

Extracurricular Involvements: Class Board 2023 EVP |
Sphinx Senior Society | WAVe | Undergraduate Assembly

What does Onyx mean to you?: Onyx is a great community with like-minded people on a campus that could at times feel isolating. It’s provided me with a much-needed opportunity to be in a welcoming community. 


Kathryn Lord

Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica

School: Wharton

Major: Business Analytics &

BEPP (Business Economics & Public Policy)

Extracurricular Involvements: Wharton Council, Caribbean American Student Association (CASA), Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

Nicole Harrington.jpeg

Nicole Harrington

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

School: The College 

Major: Neuroscience 

Extracurricular Involvements: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. President; Coalition for Christian Outreach Co-lead; Student Researcher at Perelman/Center for Health Behavior Research

What does Onyx mean to you?: Onyx is the pinnacle of Black scholarship, leadership, and excellence at Penn. It is the final hurrah for us as examples of what Black Penn has to offer, creating space for seniors to finally socialize while giving back to the communities that poured into us.

Sebleh Alfa.png

Sebleh Alfa 

Hometown: Philadelphia

School: The College 

Major: Pyschology 

Extracurricular Involvements: Monolith: Black Visual Arts Collective, CAPS Advisory Board, Faces of Black Penn, Penn Ethiopian & Eritrean Student Association

What does Onyx mean to you?: Onyx means joining a network of Black students that influence change and strengthen relationships through community involvement.

Sasha Mills

Hometown: Potomac, MD

School: The College 

Major:  Biology

(Concentration: Ecology and Evolution)/ Minor: Psychology

Extracurricular Involvements: Captain of the Rugby Team, Research Fellow, RA at Lauder!

What does Onyx mean to you?: Onyx is a place and space where I can truly be myself unapologetically amongst a community filled with the most intelligent, compassionate, and hilarious people I know.

Marcus Ramirez

Hometown: Woodhaven, NY

School: The College

Major: Criminology

Minor: Psychology

Extracurricular Involvements: Carriage Senior Society, Stimulus Children’s Theatre, Black Student League,  Faces of Black Penn

What does Onyx mean to you?: To me, Onyx means having a community where you can earnestly support each other through hardships and celebrate triumphs. It means having a place where you are validated and seen.

Razan Osman

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

School: The College

Major: Cognitive Science

Minors: Sociology and Modern Middle Eastern Studies

Extracurricular Involvements: Fenjan Magazine, P1P Mentor, WQHS Radio, Jazz and Grooves, St. Elmo Club of Philadelphia

What does Onyx mean to you?: a community of encouraging excellence and long-term connection among Black seniors

Joy Okpoko

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

School: Wharton

Major: Management

Specialization: Organizational Effectiveness

Extracurricular Involvements: Black Wharton Undergraduate Association, Monolith: Black Visual Arts Collective, Nigerians at Penn, W. E. B. DuBois Residential Staff

What does Onyx mean to you?: Onyx, to me, means sharing perspectives, resources, and affirmations with my community.

Christina Sauveur 

Hometown: Stamford, CT

School: Nursing


Extracurricular Involvements: Caribbean American Student Association - VP External, West African Vibe - Board Historian/Videographer, CAPs Advisory Board, Young Caribbean Professional Network - Student Board Member, Sigma Theta Tau Xi Chapter, Netter Center volunteer, Service Link Volunteer

What does Onyx mean to you?: Onyx is a welcoming space of like-minded individuals all striving toward the same goal. It shows me the true meaning of black excellence and shows me just how far people that look like me can go.

Tiffany Chyke-Okpuzor 

Hometown: Queens, NY

School: Wharton

Major: Finance and Actuarial Science

Extracurricular Involvements: Black Wharton, Nigerians at Penn, Club Basketball, Successful Transition, and Empowerment Program (STEP)

What does Onyx mean to you?: Onyx means a community of people that look like me joining together to create strong relationships and give back to the broader Black Philadelphia community through service.

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